• November 19, 2013 | Greater Washington

    Walkability, Parking, and TDM Influence Whether You Drive

    Arlington has tried to reduce traffic by clustering development around transit and using transportation demand management (TDM) programs to raise awareness of alternatives to driving. According to a new study of residential buildings, it's working.

    Residents were also less likely to drive when...

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  • November 17, 2013 | Safe Routes Partnership

    Enough is Enough: Ask Congress to End Rising Rates of Bike/Ped Fatalities

    Ready to act? Contact your members of Congress now.  Want more background?  Keep reading...
    On Thursday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released thetraffic fatality numbers for 2012, and it confirmed that bicycle and pedestrian fatalities continue to increase. For...
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  • November 14, 2013 | Green Lining Blog

    Electric Vehicles for all!

    I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t electric vehicles (EV’s) only for rich people?  Don’t worry, I used to think the same way. The word EV made me think of $80,000+ Teslas or similar high-end cars that I or my family could never afford. However, with technology moving forward at a fast rate, EVs...
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