Reports | TransitCenter | 2015

Subsidizing Congestion: The Multibillion-Dollar Tax Subsidy That's Making Your Commute Worse

 The federal government provides subsidies through the tax code for employer-provided and employer-paid automobile parking,
transit passes, and some other commuter expenses, but it does so in ways that run counter to the nation’s overall transportation goals. 
Those who receive the greatest tax savings from the transit benefit are not the low-income and working Americans who depend on...
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National Council on Disability | 2015

Transportation Update: Where We’ve Gone and What We’ve Learned

For Americans with Disabilities many transportation services remain stuck in neutral.  For many Americans with Disabilities the prospects and possibilities for going to and from work, school and recreational activities are stuck in neutral. NCD’s report addresses the broad range of surface transportation, including these, and makes recommendations policymakers should use to address these...

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Testimony from The Transportation Equity Caucus Statement for House Ways and Means Hearing

Adequate federal transportation investments can lay a strong foundation for economic growth and expand opportunity for millions of people. Strategic federal investments in transportation can transform struggling communities, unleash untapped human potential, and promote local economic development to allow all people to thrive. When transportation funding decisions are driven by economic and...

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